Rafting on the rafters

The proposed activity is developed over two days in which participants build a raft and drive it along a stretch of the Adige River. It is an experience that will remain unforgettable and is a stimulus to develop, in the playful context, the sense of the cooperation needed to face collectively a problematic and entirely new situation but at the same time the competition of the other homologous groups as well, At the individual level, of other members of their crew in taking charge of the decisions to be taken.

Prior to the two-day activity (or within the two days), a rafting descent on the Adige is organized for more than two hours, with the purpose of instructing the boys about the basic riverbed riding techniques that the Will allow you to safely govern the raft.


The River Adige is the theater of this fantastic adventure, with a journey of over 8 km, winding from our Chievo river site, until after San Francesco Bridge (FS Station).


Day 1: construction of rafts with the sole use of sealed metal drums, ropes, axes and poles. The work is done in full by the participants, in groups of five, but managed and coordinated by our river guides.

Day 2
: river salvage tests and take off rafts. During navigation, the rafts are constantly followed by our river guides.

Do it yourself – build your raft

To build a raft is a bit of a hard work, but you can always get one ready for it and begin the downhill of the Huckleberry Finn perfect style.

Activities on the raft

Discover the city by seeing it from the river, passing under the famous bridges of Verona and discovering all the secrets of the Adige.


Price per person: 90,00 €
The price includes the pre-departure, seven days for two days, kitchen use for a no7e, nau9co material (mute, life buoy, jacket, helmet and paddle), preliminary descent, insurance and VAT .

Information and Reservations

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